In  Greek mythology, the Sirens were dangerous yet beautiful creatures,  portrayed as femmes’ fatales who lured nearby sailors with their  enchanting music... 

The  Philly Sirens Dance Company LLC is Philadelphia's Hottest 21 and over  all female Hip Hop Dance Company. Lead under the direction of DMV native  and Choreographer MisaBlue. The Philly Sirens consist of everyday  working women, college students, wives, and mothers.These women have a  love for dance and work hard to see their dreams still happen through  performance. Versed in many styles of dance, the Philly Sirens promote  Womens' Empowerment, sisterhood and the overall love for dance at any  age, size, or race. 

The  Philly Sirens are the Official back up dancers for Philadelphia R&B  Singer, Songwriter, and Classically Trained Pianist CrisTenè. They also  work with Creative Visionary Christopher Marc for “The Arts Inspired by  Philadelphia LLC” Arts Concerts and are feature in his short film, “The  Diary of Erica Simone”. They also will be making an appearance in the  “Life Knocks” Docu-Musical for the Life Knocks 501c3 Non – Profit for children with auto immune diseases. 

The  Philly Sirens have performed at many different venues and events around  the Philadelphia and the New Jersey area. To name a few: Atlantic City  Taj Mahal, S.C.O.P.E. and Signature RawArtist, Temple U; Bring Back the  Night, Painted Bride with Christopher Marcus, The Legendary Dobbs Night  Club with Symphny Words of Life Entertainment, Fiscal Entertainment  Showcases, Liberian Afro - Pop artist "ComfortX" X- Potion album release  party, and with Fellow RAW Artist DeeTruth

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"Why reach for the Sky when you're destined to be a Star"

​-Misa Blue 

Philly Tritons

 Please  take a moment to welcome our new sirens and our brothers Triton Dance  Company.The guardians to the Sirens.