Misa Blue

Choreographer/Entertainer/Instructor/Model  Lindsay “MisaBlue” Pulley is a powerhouse when she hits the stage.  She  is known for her sleek dance style, hard hitting moves and grooved out  choreography. This DMV native is a pint sized, spunky, sassy, petite  woman dubbed by the Sirens as “Muva”. Misa has the presence of a 7ft  linebacker and owns the stage every time she graces it. Misa has been  dancing since the tender age of 4. She has been a part of and created  numerous Dance teams and Companies from the DMV to Philadelphia PA.

In  2012, Misa tragically lost her father in an automobile accident and  decided that life was too short not to follow your true heart and  dreams. She adopted her own motto while listening to Prince’s “Baby I’m A  Star” that inspired “Why reach for the Sky, when you’re destined to be a  Star”. Thus came the birth of the Philly Sirens Dance Company. She is  also the Dance Coordinator and one of the Runway coaches for the “Smooches Models Movement”.